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saffron Entreprises support system

Multiple Support system

Expanding the e-commerce site's capabilities to accommodate customers with currencies and languages.

saffron Entreprises cart

Shopping Cart Development

Creating and customizing shopping cart solutions to optimize the online shopping experience.

saffron Entreprises gateway

Payment Gateway Integration

Integrating secure payment processing systems, such as PayPal or Stripe, to facilitate online transactions.

saffron Entreprises security

Security and Compliance

Ensuring the e-commerce platform adheres to security standards and industry regulations, such as PCI DSS for payment card data.

saffron Entreprises inventory

Inventory Management

Implementing systems to track and manage product inventory, including stock levels, investory and restocking alerts.

saffron Entreprises analytics

Analytics and Reporting

Setting up tools for monitoring sales, customer behavior, and e-commerce performance to make data-driven decisions.

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